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Hello Again
It's been a while since I've last written. Things have been a little hectic this summer but I'm back and looking to make this a weekly column. As I was trying to think of inspiration for my newest installment, one man came into my mind. One man whose music has the power to cross generations. One man who was good enough to be featured in the movie "Saving Silverman". That man is Neil Diamond and only he is poetic enough to describe the odyssey known as the 2004 DC United season. So let's look at what Mr. Diamond would have to say about DC's first half. Hello Again! It's good to need you so...

Gold Don't Rust - And apparently neither does Jaime Moreno. He leads the team with 14 points and is still able to muster up the magic of old. I for one wasn't betting on Moreno being reliable simply because back surgery usually spells disaster for an athlete. My only concern is how much he will have left in the tank for the second half of the season. He's seen a lot of action and will be starting in the All-Star game. Peter Nowak allowing Moreno to play a full 90 minutes in games where the result has been decided (see DC's 6-2 thrashing of the MetroStars) could cost DC later. He also has a tendency to slow the pace of a game. Last year Marco Etcheverry did the same thing. The only difference this year, Moreno is putting up numbers.

Don't Think...Feel - Freddy Adu should meditate on this song day and night. Relax son! A perfect example of his season was seen on Saturday night against the Kansas City Wizards. Adu gets a break on the near flank, tries to take on a defender, and he loses the ball before he is even able to attempt a pretty move. It's starting to get into the dog days of summer and it could be having an effect on him. Those are the types of plays he will be making (hopefully) in the near future.

Stargazer - He hasn't done it yet but if Troy Perkins becomes one it could get rough. An interesting idea is this; I believe that about half of Nick Rimando's heritage is Mexican (don't quote me on that) and knowing Chivas preference for Mexican players, I imagine that if Perkins continues to play this well, Rimando could end up in LA (or wherever they are playing next year). Just food for thought. Perkins has certainly become the surprise of the year.

Brother Love's Traveling Salvation Show - What a perfect nickname for Dema Kovalenko.

Open Wide These Prison Doors - Earnie Stewart has got to feel this way about his scoring. He finally opened his account against the MetroStars, but his goal was simply lock and load. Then, "Boom, boom, boom!" according to Rob Stone. He's a great player as long as he isn't looked upon to carry the scoring load.

I'm A Believer - I admit. I thought Alecko Eskandarian looked like a bust. His rookie campaign was not very successful and I wasn't expected much out of his sophomore season. That was until he decided to start putting the ball away with a single touch instead of playing with himself. He's had a great three game stretch but he must continue so that he won't be subbed off for Freddy at the end of a game.

Captain Sunshine - I wonder what Brian Carroll's "mean face" looks like.

Headed For The Future - I'm afraid Bobby Convey simply has his sights set on Europe and his spot on the United States Men's National Team. In my opinion, this is not the same player we saw in the Under-20 World Cup or even today against Poland. Ray Hudson lit a fire under this kid before a game last year against the Dallas Burn and he responded by scoring a pair of goals. He was also brilliant against Tottenham in a friendly last year. I understand that he must be disappointed not to be in England but I have serious doubts about whether he gives 100% for DC United.

Home Is A Wounded Heart - Actually 4 of DC's 5 wins have come at home.

You Got To Me - Josh Gros has gotten to me. I like this kid more and more every time I see him in action. Great ability to push up the flanks and really brings some great hustle. He has probably been DC's most consistant performer along with Moreno and Kovalenko.

Last Result: KC 1:0 DC
The team really missed Kovalenko. After scoring the early goal and without Josh Wolff or Kerry Zavagnin, KC was more than willing to just sit back and defend. Poor passing created a generally poor flow for DC offensively. Adu still needs more time on the bench.

Up Next: Nottingham Forest and the LA Galaxy
The Nottingham Forest game should be a good opportunity to give Adu some playing time without costing DC any points in MLS. Watch for a possible return by Santino Quaranta. If Convey plays against Nottingham I predict a hat trick.
July 12, 2004 Mark Metzger


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Sat., Apr. 14th
6:00PM ET
Salt Lake 0
Columbus 0

Sat., Apr. 14th
7:30PM ET
New England 0
Toronto 0

Sat., Apr. 14th
7:30PM ET
DC United 0
Kansas City Wizards 0

Sat., Apr. 14th
8:30PM ET
Houston 0
Chivas USA 0

Sat., Apr. 15th
3:00PM ET
New York 0
Dallas 0

Sun., Apr. 15th
8:00PM ET
Colorado 0
Chicago 0

Team Name Pts
Chicago 3
Columbus 1
New York 1
DC United 0
Kansas City 0
New England 0
Toronto 0

Team Name Pts
Dallas 4
Chivas USA 3
Colorado 3
Houston 1
Los Angeles 1
Salt Lake 1

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Ruiz 2
Cooper 2
Cunningham 2
Kljestan 1
Brown 1
Emilio 1
H. Gomez 1
Findley 1
Razov 1
Pause 1