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The FCD Rant: If I were chosen to take out the Trash
If I were chosen to take out the Trash there would be quite a little cleaning up to do in F.C Dallas.
First I would start from the top of the list and release an Injury prone Scott Garlick. Ever since we picked him off the streets of Colorado I asked myself, "Why did we sign him?". And obviously I still have that question in my mind but this time it's "Why did we bother to re-sign him?". Someone PLEASE tell me why! Maybe if I gave Greg Elliott a Rogaine he would tell me why.
Garlick barely did anything last Season, all he did was ONE, Play Goalie in which in my opinion he would get a D- and TWO, try to pick the ball out of our net which was the only thing he was good at. Then Garlick suffered some leg injury(from what i last herd) and we never herd from him again. But we did hear from a young Goalkeeper from Bolton Wanderers by the name of Jeff Cassar. Jeff Cassar came in for an Injured Garlick and out performed Garlick more than once. Cassar even blocked a PK from former Earthquake, Landon Donovan. Could Garlick have done that? Maybe or maybe not but Jeff sure as hell did.
And now that we have re-signed this "veteran" for god knows how long, I guess he will be our starting Goalkeeper with either Jeff Cassar or Henry Ring being his back-up leaving the other kid Gomez out in the cold. But don't be surprise to hear that Garlick has re-Injured himself during the 2005 MLS season. And the day that he infact re-Injures himself will be the day I will jump up and down for joy for either Jeff Cassar or Henry Ring. Oh and Scott, I don't hold anything personal against you. It's just that last year you were a dissapointment for me and for some F.C Dallas Fans.
All of us would have wished you would have gone to Real Salt Lake or back to Colorado but I guess not, you are staying with us wether us F.C Dallas Fans like it or not.
Another F.C Dallas-er who will be staying with us during the 2005 season is Liberian Defender, Chris Gbandi. Last season practically every F.C Dallas fan asked themselves, "How did he win a starting spot?" And months later, we all found out why. "Because he was strong and solid". Was he really? If you watched a Dallas Burn game last season with Gbandi as a starting Defender you would have probably said the opposite, and practically everyone did. Last season we had better Defenders that were "overshadowed" by Gbandi such as Milton Reyes, Ramon Nuņez and even Clarence Goodson. Although those Defenders got some playing time here and then, none of them were the replacement for Gbandi's spot. And now with Reyes gone, we can rest asure Gbandi will be the starting Defender next season. Hopefully Collin Clarke pairs him up with a bloosoming Ramon Nuņez and Clarence Goodson.
Now as to whom I should have kept, simple, Milton Reyes and Nhleko.
Milton is a heck of a Defender who was rotated quite a bit by Colin Clarke but always gave it all with a heck of a performance. This guy used to be in my "Player wish list for the Dallas Burn" back when he played in D.C United. And in 2004, I was happy at the fact that the Burn had signed him to a contract but now his contract was up and Milton's year to prove himself to the Dallas Burn had come to an end.
"Tony" on the other hand was a heck of a Foward during the start of the season scoring a couple Goals and assist here and there including 2 in last years Brimstone Cup. But an Injury put an end to "Tony's" explosive start in the 2004 season. This caused "Tony" to be sidelined for quite a bit causing him to lose the spot to U.S International, Eddie Johnson. After Nhleko's succesful recovery, he would be benched and used as a Substitute causing him to lose the "explosive" game he had displayed at the beginning of the season.
Nkosinathi will now go back to his Native South Africa to play with the Cosmos. But luckily, F.C Dallas owns his rights which means he will return to the institution some other time.
Well, that ends the FCD Rant, hopefully I won't receive any Hate E-Mails regarding Scott Garlick and Chris Gbandi.
Until next time I feel like getting something off my chest, Take Care and remember, F.C Dallas for 2005 MLS Champs!!!!
February 03, 2005 FCD Fan 25


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Sat., Apr. 14th
6:00PM ET
Salt Lake 0
Columbus 0

Sat., Apr. 14th
7:30PM ET
New England 0
Toronto 0

Sat., Apr. 14th
7:30PM ET
DC United 0
Kansas City Wizards 0

Sat., Apr. 14th
8:30PM ET
Houston 0
Chivas USA 0

Sat., Apr. 15th
3:00PM ET
New York 0
Dallas 0

Sun., Apr. 15th
8:00PM ET
Colorado 0
Chicago 0

Team Name Pts
Chicago 3
Columbus 1
New York 1
DC United 0
Kansas City 0
New England 0
Toronto 0

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Dallas 4
Chivas USA 3
Colorado 3
Houston 1
Los Angeles 1
Salt Lake 1

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