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Casper calling FIFA
Well World Cup is just around the corner and the security is starting to be put into place. Lately the UK and FIFA are discussing the issues involving the latest “DAMBUSTERS” song which has taken the Brits by storm at all the games. The threat of violence due to such songs is a big topic as witnessed from past hooligan years and activity. To say the obvious when I first heard the name of the new song “DAMBUSTERS”, my mind immediately went to the movie “GHOSTBUSTERS”, hmmm? DAM GHOST – Is there an implied meaning there? They must be mad at some ghost out there was my impression. Now take that information and the fact that they are currently renovating the old historic fire station building in town and I’m really beginning to become suspicious. And me being an avid fan of Chris Casper before his appalling injury due to a bad tackle, it makes me wonder still? Am I in danger for hanging my CASPER #20 Reading FC jersey on my door? You know us loyal Royals!…Reading FC aren’t doing too shabby this year, cough, cough, harrumph. harrumph…so maybe if I put in a good word with my pal the “friendly ghost” I mean Casper they will stop singing those nasty songs? Or else maybe a little retaliation and threat to say hey we’ll support Trinidad and Tobago when England play them in the World Cup…so play nice boys or we ghosts might spook you…Why even Franz has said the TNT boys can win…I even recall Beckham was scarred of ghosts a few years ago when the Leeds Utd vs Man Utd rivalry was so fierce and #20 Jonesie was playing for them…hmmm? Those songs are looking more and more like intimidation than a bit of banter and a laugh…so let’s keep the bed sheets clean guys…

Anyway, currently passports of past offenders are being taken away such that travel to and from the German games is impossible. No that doesn’t mean all non-offenders or non hooligans will immediately be leaving the country to prove their innocence, some of us stray cats are still on food stamps rations and slim pickins from the local garbage cans…a “perfect world” nah don’t bet your life on it…but speaking of rations, since they will be making the fire station into a restaurant the thought occurred to me what do ghosts eat and what would they serve there? No doubt a little slice of pumpkin pie will be on the desert menu…

And you thought it was safe to go out to dinner again…
March 10, 2006 CJ Read-Jones


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Sat., Apr. 14th
6:00PM ET
Salt Lake 0
Columbus 0

Sat., Apr. 14th
7:30PM ET
New England 0
Toronto 0

Sat., Apr. 14th
7:30PM ET
DC United 0
Kansas City Wizards 0

Sat., Apr. 14th
8:30PM ET
Houston 0
Chivas USA 0

Sat., Apr. 15th
3:00PM ET
New York 0
Dallas 0

Sun., Apr. 15th
8:00PM ET
Colorado 0
Chicago 0

Team Name Pts
Chicago 3
Columbus 1
New York 1
DC United 0
Kansas City 0
New England 0
Toronto 0

Team Name Pts
Dallas 4
Chivas USA 3
Colorado 3
Houston 1
Los Angeles 1
Salt Lake 1

Top Ten Scorers
Top 10 Scorers
Player Name Gls
Ruiz 2
Cooper 2
Cunningham 2
Kljestan 1
Brown 1
Emilio 1
H. Gomez 1
Findley 1
Razov 1
Pause 1